Income Verification

Robust, accurate income verification

Product Overview

We believe our Equifax Income Verification is the strongest and most transparent income verification process in the market today. Equifax Income Verification delivers benefits across your customer journey including at application, in customer management and for collections, helping you to:
-Enhance customer experience
-Reduce cost
-Improve lending decisions
-Avoid fraud
Equifax Income Verification helps you to lend more responsibly whilst removing the need for manual verification and its associated delays in the customer journey. Equifax Income Verification gives you the insight to present better offers to your customers. Used in your affordability assessment, our automated income verification is transparent, robust and accurate because:
-Our process aims to replicate the thoroughness of manual verification
-We identify the relevant current account and, through complex algorithms, the turnover in the account relevant to income
-We provide insight into the sufficiency, consistency and stability of the account turnover relevant to the consumer's income
-We make sure you understand our low-level calculations to demonstrate how it works with your overall responsible lending strategy
-You choose the parameters that work best with your credit policies.