Insight & Non-Insight Product

Credit Check

Predictive consumer data to help you mitigate risk and maximise growth opportunities

Product Overview

Our Credit Reports from Equifax deliver predictive consumer data to help you make more profitable decisions, mitigate risk and maximise growth opportunities. These reports are available for both Insight and Non-Insight members, Insight members will receive more information, but have to meet Equifax requirements, Non-Insight Credit Checks are accessible to all of our customers. These reports support your business in:

-Increasing revenue through streamlining acquisition processes and targeting cross-sell and up-sell campaigns
-Preventing fraud and risk by quickly identifying high-risk consumers
-Strengthening account management with insight available at any point in the consumer lifecycle
-Advancing collection efforts with current identification and location information

Our consumer data is updated from multiple sources to give you timely decision insight. We're committed to continuously innovating to strengthen data quality and match rates and provide even greater value to your business. We also maintain a constant focus on infrastructure investments to deliver unmatched delivery speed, reliability and security. Our Credit Reports from Equifax are designed to support fast, well-informed decisions. The reports deliver a unified view of the most relevant and current consumer information in an easy-to interpret, intelligent format to help you make more effective decisions that can increase profitability and reduce risk.