Insight and Non-Insight Product

Anti-Money Laundering

Performs (AML) Anti-Money Laundering and
Equifax watch-list verification.

Product Overview

Used at the point of application, our Equifax Anti-money Laundering (AML) profile encompasses proof of residency checks, proof of identity checks and alert notifications. This can help you streamline your AML processes and optimise risk management. AML Profile can also assist you in meeting regulatory requirements in relation to money laundering and to help prevent fraud. A 3-digit outcome coupled with a pass/fail outcome clearly display the number of positive residency and identity checks achieved and also highlights the presence of risk indicators Delivers Traceable Intelligence. Equifax Watch list also included; Screens against Worldwide Sanctions, PEPs and Relative & Close Associate data. Provides Special Interest Persons (SIPs) and Special Interest Entity (SIE) screening to highlight high level crime and the associated potential risks.