Products and Services

Smart Data Reports

Our Product Reports from Equifax deliver predictive consumer data to help you make more profitable decisions, mitigate risk and maximise growth opportunities.

These reports support your business in:

- Increasing revenue through streamlining acquisition processes and targeting cross-sell and up-sell campaigns

- Preventing fraud and risk by quickly identifying high-risk customers

- Strengthening account management with Insight available at any point in the consumer life cycle

- Advancing collection efforts with current identification and location information

- Customer management from retention, behavioral credit scoring and compliance

Software Solutions

Desktop Application

Manage all aspects of your Credit and Data search facilities in your own office via our desktop application powered by our unique Smart Data Engine.

Web Based Software

Our Web based software allows you to connect to your account when away from your desktop via a unique and secure URL from any location.

API Direct Connections

Our API connections are for organisations needing a direct connection from their own software into the Smart Data engine for Insight or

Non-Insight searches.

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